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Amsterdam Declaration

Mittwoch, März 16th, 2011

of the Global Assembly of the Club of RomeThe Club of Rome calls for urgent action to avert the growing risk of catastrophic climate change. The most recent scientific data presented to the Assembly by the world’s top climate scientists demonstrate the accelerating impacts of climate change on the natural systems of the planet. Beyond this existential threat to the future of humanity, the Club stresses the need to find a new path for world development toresolve the connected challenges in the fields of environment, global development and the restructuring of economies onto a sustainable path. We insist that responsibility for care in the use of energy and resources, responsibility for the environment and social inclusion are not simply costs to the economy, but investments in the future of humanity. Governments have directed trillions of dollars to stabilize the financial system: we call for the required levels of finance to salvage the future of the planet.more