A Solution Named Dematerialization


There are two main reasons why traditional environmental policies have to be improved:-

  1. The climatic change is real and stands out as a strong signal for the fact that traditional environmental and economic policies have failed to prevent major environmental breakdowns;-

  2. The environmental crisis has largely the same roots as the financial catastrophe: Market failures due to systems incompetence; lack of valid indicators, of early warning systems, and of precautionary policies; short term profit maximization; marketing „poisonous products“; and prices that do not tell the truth.


There are two main reasons why dematerialization is unavoidable:-

  1. There are not enough resources (material, water, land surface) on planet earth for expanding the western life-style to 8 or 9 billion people;-

  2. The resource intensity of the western life-style is the physical root cause for significant losses in eco-system functions and services with consequences such as climatic change, pervasive water shortages, desertification, erosion, and loss of species.


There are two main reasons why governments must act for approaching sustainability:-

  1. Only governments can adjust economic frameworks in order to render sustainable production and consumption profitable;-

  2. Governments are responsible for international cooperation.

if you want to read more, open the a-solution-named-dematerialisation.pdf



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